Spring hangers and spring supports are used to balance slight vertical displacements in the pipe system.

Spring hangers


Spring supports


Niroo Va Tavan Company (NVT) was founded in 1984 and currently is recognized as one of the most reputable private-joint stock companies involved in EPC projects of power section.

Taking into account both wide range of application in various industries, and current impediments to the foreign supply, NVT decided to conduct a comprehensive feasibility study on the local manufacturing of spring supports, and now we are proud to declare our capability to supply them to suit customers requirements in oil, gas, petrochemical, and power industries with superior quality and at keenest costs.



Spring hangers and spring supports are used to balance slight vertical displacements in the pipe system.  These components work on the basis of pre-set helical coil springs which exert a variable supporting load over the range of movement in accordance with their specified spring characteristics. Load variations resulting from this are limited through the stress analysis calculations, depending on the sensitivity of the piping.


Readily adaptable to the installation situation


On the spring hangers, the pre-set values are noted on the riveted name plate.


The cold or blocking position is marked on the travel scale


Fully adjustable blocking system.


The NVT product program embraces the following categories:

  • Variable Spring Support
  • Constant Spring Support
  • Rigid Strut
  • Shock Absorber
  • Clamps
  • Snubber

Quality Control

Our quality control team monitors all the manufacturing procedure in accordance with BS 1726 and BS 3974 standards by formally documented system incorporated in our Quality Control Plan.
All test reports are available as standard and performance certificates for customers.


We welcome all inquiries with regards to pipe supports and are ready to offer our proposal for the optimized selection of them.

After being received the clients’ approval, we complete the preliminary design based on worldwide standards such as BS 1726 and BS 3974.

Material Supply

Springs for spring supports are supplied from the leading spring manufacturers in the Middle East.
The supply for the rest of raw materials is subject to great deal of quality control of our team to conform to the highest requirements of pre-determined standards.


  1. Spring Supports for Damavand Combine Cycle Power plant.
  2. Spring Supports for Yazd Farab Combine Cycle Power plant.
  3. Spring Supports for Shirvan Combine Cycle Power plant.
  4. Spring Supports for Yazd Taban Combine Cycle Power plant.
  5. Spring Supports for Jahrom Cycle Power plant.
  6. Spring Supports for Razi Petrochemical.
  7. Spring Supports for Pars Assaloie Petrochemical.
  8. Spring Supports for Erteash Gostar.

List Of Vendors

1-Approved vendor By NPC

2-Approved vendor by NIGC

3- Approved vendor By Mapna MD1,MD2,MD3

4- Approved Vendor By Mapna Boiler

5-Approved Vendor By Mapna Turbine (Tuga)

6-Approved vendor By PIDEC

7-Approved Vendor By NIPEC

8-Approved Vendor By Gharagah KHATAM

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