Niroo Va Tavan is a private joint stock company that is active in context of oil, gas, petrochemical, power plant and industrial complexes projects in form of EPC, that means preforms all of engineering, procurement and construction activity.

NVT, also, presents design, engineering, management & eduction services, and preform the process of installation and implementation, utilization, repairing and maintainance.

NVT was established in September 1984 in Tehran. NVT containing  a qualified and specialist engineering team in different fields of industry.

M.P.O.  assigned NVT the high grade in execution of industries and energy related projects.

At NVT, our success as your partner is not only measured by the quality of your completed facility, but also by the quality of the process by which we get there. We understand that intangibles of a project, dedication to teamwork , focus on client goals, uncompromised quality and relationship built on trust, are just as important as the building itself.